Shocks and Struts Replacement

Price determined after vehicle inspection
What is the service?

  • Replacement of the strut or shock unit. On vehicles with struts, replacement of the strut cartridge, spring and bearing plate may need to be replaced
Why is the service recommended?

  • Leaking hydraulic oil of the strut or shock unit(s). If a strut or shock is leaking, that indicates the internal seals have failed.
  • Could also be recommended due to mileage of a vehicle: typically greater than 50k, struts or shocks should be replaced. Most units fail at this mileage in controlling the 1/8″ to 1/4″ of up and down motion of the tire. This amount of excess motion can wear tires irregularly, creating a loud tire noise.
  • Extremely worn struts or shocks could also allow the vehicle to loose control
How does our service help?

  • Restores or increases the original ride, handling and control to the vehicle.
Estimated service time: 2-3 hours.