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 Diesel Repair and Services

When looking for a diesel repair shop in San Juan Capistrano that is equipped to service or repair your particular engine, West Coast Tire & Services are your diesel experts.

Many southern California contractors have a diesel vehicle in their fleet of vehicles. Contractors rely on the power, low maintenance, and lower fuel costs.
A diesel engine is known to have a life expectancy beyond gas engines. Routine maintenance though inexpensive is critical to the life of the engine and its components. Most diesel vehicle owners want the best diesel repair shop and mechanic to repair & service their vehicle

Diesel engines are quite expensive and will normally be over the ten thousand dollar mark, making it all the more reason for getting them attended to by the trained technicians. There are many items that are unique to diesel engines. It is important that the technician be well trained in diesel engines and can attend to the engine so that the life of the engine is extended and its efficiency remains at the optimum level.

Modern diesel engines have a lot of new components and the diesel repair shop in San Juan Capistrano you entrust your vehicle to must be aware of them. This at times may require specialized tooling and the right training to operate these tools, something that only the best repair shops will be able to provide. When you entrust your engine to a diesel mechanic he must know many of the modern diesel engines software for their engine control modules, and the simple updating of the software can lead to the solution of many problems and increase engine efficiency. This means that diesel repair shops nowadays also need to have technicians who can update software and have the latest equipment for this.

Good diesel engine mechanics go through certification courses regularly that involve training to stay updated and improve their skills on the job. It is best to entrust your diesel engine to a repair shop that has the experience of working on diesels and has the right trained technician who can give your engine the attention it needs. Problems in diesel engines are not the same as those that you will find in conventional gas engines, and do require the attention of specialists.

West Coast Tire & Services are your diesel experts in San Juan Capistrano.

Why are diesel engines so different from gas engines? It is the fuel that makes them so different. Diesel is an unrefined fuel compared to gasoline which is a refined fuel. Diesel engines have very high compression ratios and their fuel consumption per horsepower is quite low when you compare them to the conventional gas engines. They do not have spark plugs for igniting the diesel, and ignition is achieved by the very high compression that the diesel air mixture is subjected to.

This difference in diesel and gasoline engines also calls for some changes to driving methods in diesel vehicles, if you are to get the best out of them. Diesel engines need to be warmed up and gradually taken to full power, something you need not do in gasoline engines. This warming is helped by the air tanks that diesel engines have which provides the engine the needed oxygen. Maintenance needs for diesel engines are different, they have oil and air tanks that must be working properly.

Diesel engines also have inter-coolers that control the high temperatures that these engines have to contend with and this is what the experts in diesel repair at West Coast Tire & Services shop in  San Juan Capistrano will be well aware of. Regular attention also needs to be paid to air and fuel filters as they govern the emissions from these engines to a large extent. Diesel engines can develop microbial growth within engines, and repairers must be aware of this problem and know how to look for this and find solutions for it.  Diesel encourages the growth of mold, yeast, fungus and bacteria, which can clog fuel filters. Trained mechanics are aware of these problems and will know how to spot and rectify them. Diesel engines have greater difficulty in starting in cold weather, because the diesel does have a tendency to become an immobile gel. Diesels also need cooling system maintenance because of the very high temperatures that are generated in their cylinders. They are also much heavier than gasoline engines.

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